2012 Mudgee SSAA

City vs Country

Combined Services Discipline Event
16th to 18th March 2012
Held at the Windamere Regional Shooting Complex

On Thursday afternoon some competitors began to set up sites, vans & tents were organised in the camping area adjacent to the fire pit. Final range checks done & silhouettes put out for the Saturday.

Friday the 16th the City vs Country for 2012 got under way on Range 2 with 13 pistol shooters for Class 1 & another 16 for Class 2 events. The pistol matches were completed after a BBQ lunch curtsey of Nicko & his helpers. Matchs consisted of 3 Positional 25m, 3 Position Core & 15m Kneeling Deliberate. Conditions were fine & mild to warm, with clouds in the south.

Some of the better scores were Wilko (now in Master grade) 342.9 class1 & 342.9 class2, Dave Toovey in 25m 3 position with 10 X zone hits out of 18 shots for a 177.10 and Rob Prowse 331.10 in the 3Pcore (with the tupperware glock).

With more competitors arriving for the combined Trainer/Cadet match the temperature warmed up. Expirence showed as Fred (the burgler) shot a 143.8, followed by Don on 140.7 and Gordon O'Donnell with 139.8, all with .22trainers.

Friday nights downpour of 30+mm got a few campers "a little damp" & it was discovered a "lashed up" yabbie trap was missing, Crabbie tried his luck but the creek rose about 300mm over night & washed it away.

Saturday started out foggy but as the day progressed turned out fine & sunny. Attendance was down again from previous years, with 18 making the briefing for the days shooting. Some of the regulars were “missing in action” as the result of sickness, family & work commitments or just not heard from.

The 300 Deliberate rifle was close, with a tied score of 45.2 - Wilko won on a countback on bullseyes from Andy, John Lewis picked up the third with a 42.1.

Next the Core rifle match was extremely close , with only centre hits separating the placings in M & A grades. Vince won GM at his first attempt. Other grade winners were Fred Meyer, Mark Lewis, Greg Owens, Shayle Clarke and Anthony Lewis took out Juniors.

The most popular event is the Noel Cross Memorial Shield shot on the Silhouette range. Rams at 385m, turkeys at 300m, pigs at 200m & chickens at 150m. Shot with standard open sight rilfes. No one managed the "100" this year but scores were still close. The top six are: Greg Owens 77, Fred Meyer 76, Wilko 75, Mark Lewis 74, Goodo 72 & John Lewis on 67, Anthony (top junior) 17 on his first attempt.

During the details being ran through the events on Range 2 & Silhouette, Nicko, Mick & Dasher sorted out the lunch with some excellent sausage sandwich served up.

Rapidfire B with a possible of 100.20, the top three positions were: Mark Lewis - 98.9, Dave Toovey - 96.5 & Rob Prowse - 95.9 (finally beat "the old man").

Top Ladies shooter for Saturday was Kerry Benson.

In the teams results, Country won the pistol. The team consisted of Don, Ned, Andy & Dave with a score of 2460.59 defeated the City team of Wilko, Johnny, Tangles & Fred with a score of 2338.42.
Having won the pistol, Country "allowed" City to have the rifle team trophys. The winning City team of Wilko, Mark, Fred & Goodo managed 1374.64 followed by the "second placed" Country team - Andy, Rob, Ned & Shayle with 1275.50. It seems strange that Country lost the rifle because Rob was the head scorer, I'll have to talk to him about that for next year.

With all the firearms secured, it now moved on the Dinner. This surperb food was served up by our “champion canteen committee” of Jan, Mick, Dave & the ring-in of Don. Tom could not make it due to this years grape harvest work but did a lot of the background preperation work with Jan. Excellent roast, vegies & gravy, with flavoured muffins & custard for desert. Some good vino was also consumed, along with some Rum Cask port. Music & other disscussions followed into the evening.

The Sundays events of the 3P core and Rapid B events for Accurised/Modified rifles resulted in Wilko, Goodo & Fred taking out the top three placings. The tactical event of 10 rounds in 5 minutes saw Rob on 50.7 using a borrowed rifle (thanks Ned!), followed by Kevin Gill on 50.3 & Shayle 48.3 also using a borrowed rifle (thanks Ned!). Well done to Kevin, as he used an old sweed repro sniper with a 4x scope compared to the AI from very recent times used by both the other top shots.

For full results & scores see a separate list.

A big thank you to all the competitors & visitors from both City & Country and thank you to all other travellers who helped make the City vs Country a competitive & enjoyable shoot in 2012.
Further thank you's to Kerry Benson - donation of bbq for raffle/bidding war, Ed Wasil - wine & after out bidding everyone for the bbq, donated it back to be raffled at the State Championships. Dave & Rob for silhouette setup (the three of us "only" spent one & a half hours to setup 2.5tonne of steel targets), Rob - head scorer & trophy manufacturer (our regular "fire lighters" - three full days to cut, route, sand & stain), Don - target scoring and closing a retail shop for two days does cost, Nicko - transport food, ice and expertly burning the onions & snags (you probably should not try his french toast, makes your artries go clang), Mick - range prep, cooking & help over the shoot, Dasher - targets, setup for dinner, help on the weekend. Wilko - target scoring & keeping the other Malabar shooters under control. Tangles - music for the after dinner discussions, target scoring & cleanup of ranges. Ned & Shayle - helping Rob with scoring & their computers, which could not initally add up correctly until Shayle was"reprogrammed".
Last but not least once again is Jan, Tom, Nicko & Dave, our "canteen committee" who managed to provide good food and put up with the rest of us, who just shoot & cannot cook, for all your time & effort - a big thank you.

Once again the dedicated Mudgee & District Branch and helpers have provided Service Discipline shooters with another reasonably relaxed event. Hope to see you all again in September for the State Championships.


Friday the 21st. Mudgee NSW SSAA
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