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 NSW CSD Military Service Rifle



The Target

Targets used are mainly standard 120cm x 120cm SSAA military service/service rifle target, with a large black aiming mark. The 50m event uses the SSAA 8H 200m centrefire field rifle target.






Scores are taken at target value using a "V" bull, A Shot that touches the target line is given the higher value.



The Range


Events are shot from 50-500m in the prone, sitting and standing positions, some events allow sandbags and bi-pods.



Guns and Ammo



Nothing fancy with no secret recipes. Ammunition used can be military or reloads that are close to mil-spec, all ammo used is relatively cheep, your ability and knowledge of your firearm is important.
If you have a standard military service rifle with iron sights, you will be able to shoot most of the events if not all.




Three Positional Core Event "3P Core"

Military service rifle has up to 15 events that can be shot, with more events emerging all the time.
It is shot mainly with standard military service rifles fitted with iron sights.

Since no spotting is allowed during the individual events, shooters need to develop a rapport with their rifle in order to depend on it and there own ability.
The rules call for a CORE event, which is a three position event consisting of:

  • Prone
  • Sitting, kneeling or squatting
  • Standing

The 3P Core is the principal event that is shot within the discipline and is shot with a standard rifle to establish a competitors grade. Also optional supplementary events can be included. The CORE event is shot only with iron sighted service rifles, at ranges of 100, 200 and 300 metres using large yellow and black targets.

The time for each distance varies depending on how many rounds are shot for each distance. Rounds needed for the entire Core match totals 30 shots.
Several events are shot as graded events, while others are contested as open. There are events for modified and scoped rifles as well.




Who shoots 3P Core?

Military service rifle or combined service discipline "CSD" is suitable for male and female shooters of all ages and abilities, juniors are encouraged to participate.

See you on the firing line..









Junior Development in Safe handling and use of firearms






































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