SSAA Mudgee & District Branch Pistol Club


SSAA Mudgee Pistol Club provides the means for members to learn to handle pistols safely and competently. 

The Pistol Club caters for a number of pistol disciplines involving both pistol and long arms as well as specific pistol competitions, in a friendly and competitive environment.

We provide training in the safe handeling of firearms and development to new shooters through to experianced and proficiant shooters ensuring that they are aware of the responsibility of owning a firearm and its safe and proficiant use.


Anyone aged 12 years and over may apply to join Mudgee Pistol Club.


Our coverage area for full club membership is the postcodes 2845 to 2850, with minimal exceptions, all others will be associate menbers.


Would you like the opportunity to see if pistol shooting is a sport that you would be interested in? With recent changes to laws you may be eligable to try Pistol shooting as a sport while under the instruction of one of our qualified Instructors.

Pistol Club Membership Enquiries: please email expressions of interest to the Pistol Club Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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